About Me

Glamourous Taye, youngest of 3. She’s a 29 year old mother of 4 and serial entrepenuer,fashion and  beauty influencer,also master classes to those who wish to learn more about the beauty industry and learn the basic steps of makeup application. Though beauty is her passion, she is also a woman of many other trades. Shuntae, is a social media influencer, brand ambassador, and has experience in publishing her own E-book on "How to become a successful Influencer" as well as her experience as a 1:1

consultant on helping influencers build their brands and online presence. Shuntae, also expands her talents as a boutique owner,public speaker, aiming

to motivate the masses in the community.she was raised in Florida with her father being Jamaican and mother being American,where she grew up in a poor community where her and her 2 sisters were bullied all the time.but she made it out,to speak about the traumatic experience her and her siblings had to endure.